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No Gluten. No Parabens. No Chemical Preservatives.
INGREDIENTS: Beeswax (local harvested), Sweet Almond Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, unscented Cocoa Butter and Skin Safe Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil* or Unscented option.

>>>>>>>>Your choice of Eco Boxed Lotion Bar 3.4-4oz or MINI Lotion Bar .6oz in fragrance blend of your choice or *denotes essential oil blend.

>>>>>>See listing for travel tins for the mini lotion bars if you would like a container to put them in, they are $1 each.

Great for everyday use, extra dry hands and eczema sufferers. Try applying it to your hands before you wash the dishes. The beeswax & butters will lock in a natural protective barrier to keep water off, reducing chapping & itching due to dry irritated hands. Won't dry out, just place it in a dish much like a soap bar to use as you please and share with your friends! Simply warm in your hand and apply to your tired, dry skin. Great for a foot massage and soothing aromatherapy. Each mini bar should last about a month.

Great For:
-A relaxing massage
-Cracked, dry, hard-working hands
-Eczema Sufferers (like me & my baby :)
-Creating a protective barrier before dish washing & moisturizing after
-As a hair wax and conditioner with a wonderful scent
-For rock climbers or sporty people that have damaged hands from the elements
-To help prevent stretch marks from pregnancy-without the disturbing odor of Raw Cocoa butter that can be hard to smell or nauseating during pregnancy
-Hands dry from knitting or crocheting
-Safe for babies & all ages
-Dry, itchy, cracked feet & callouses
-Restoring dry brittle nails and cuticles
-Conditioning irritated skin on face or legs after shaving
-Soothing sunburn and promote healing
---------And much more! Let us know what you use it for!

Packaging: The Elite Tissue Paper is produced with 60-65% recycled material, including over 50% of post-industrial material and 10% post-consumer material. This tissue paper is printed with environmentally friendly soy inks.
Eco Box: is said to be biodegradable when placed in a compost bin within 14 days. Company provides earth friendly packaging, USA produced.

EPIC Customer Comments:

"[Unscented Mini Bar ] This is a great bar to have for people that want something NOT messy and that won't clash with a body oil if you use one. Sometimes I like to use body oil; and I don't want to mix scents this is perfect for that. This also works for taming split ends or fuzzy hairs. I just rub the bar on my palms then rub my palms together; then over my hair, it works :-) these lotion bar minis are just the right size for elbows too! Get one! Try it!!! :-)" -

"The mini lotion bars have been a big hit with my sewing friends, thank you for introducing us to your products. I'll look forward to doing business with you in the future." -Louise G.

"I have dry skin issues in the winter months & knew I had to try something different this year. After using your soap and mini lotion bar only a few times I already feel a big difference! I highly recommend this! Great product and very fast shipping. Plus, you smell great! I look forward to trying more scents." -Tammy H.

"I have to wash my hands a lot at work and this has become their savior. Store bought lotions never lasted after a washing and my hands would be back to feeling dry and gross. But this lasts through several washings and keeps my hands feeling great. (: I have found a new favorite item." -Jess A.

"Quick shipping and great communication. Love the smell - it filled up my mailbox. The packaging is so cute and well thought out. I'm keeping mine in the box. My hands are SUPER soft - its incredible. Great for protecting your hands if you wash them a lot. A little to get use to if you're not use to a lotion stick but totally worth it!" -Nicole F.
Contact us about WHOLESALE opportunities if you would like our products in your retail store :)

~Kurtis & Aimee