Epic Massage Oil

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Epic Massage Oil is our own blend of natural oils SUNFLOWER SEED OIL, AVOCADO OIL, SWEET ALMOND OIL and nourishing Vitamin E.

We used many blends over the years and found this to be our favorite as it won't leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky, just perfectly relaxed and moisturized. Some blends you feel the need to shower before putting your clothes back on…not with EPIC. You'll love this as much as we do. We use it ALL the time! Use it as your go to "intimate" oil, massage oil, add a little to a warm relaxing bath, try as a shaving oil or moisturizing beard or mustache oil.

Grab some as "The Naked Truth" and it will be left unscented. You can use it that way or add your own blend of essential oils. Choice listings with an * note essential oil blends we have created for you, others note high grade fragrance oil was used. Our scent blends match our soaps for a completely luxurious bathroom experience.

Need some for your store, fitness center or spa? Contact us for wholesale.