Ask for Epic!

Think of the most epic person that you know.   Go ahead... I'll give you a minute...

I will 100% guarantee that the person you are thinking of, at some time or another, had a helping hand reach out to them and help make them the person they are today.

When Aimee and I think of Epic Soap Company and what makes it epic, we think of you.  Without you, we are nothing!


Online shopping is fun, but imagine being able to walk into your local gift shop, yoga studio, grocery store or other local mom and pop place and pick up one of our beautiful products and see it, touch it, and taste it (don't eat the soap... and don't laugh because it's happened before, no joke).


It's super easy to get involved, and you could even earn FREE STUFF for helping us spread the epicness to the masses.

  1. Go to your local store
  2. Tell them about Epic Soap Company and tell them they'd sell tons of it
  3. Send them to our site and have them click on "Wholesale" to get started

BONUS STEP: Show them the thousands of 5 star reviews we have on Etsy!

Keep in touch with us and if your recommendation becomes a wholesale order, you get to pick something on our site for FREE (shipping and all)!