The Epic Epoch

Epic Soap Company presents... the story of Kurtis and Aimee King and the dawn of the soap company which is Epic:

It was a difficult time in the Kingdom.  A King and Queen on the verge of a failed dynasty.  Two young girls, very little income, and another baby on the way, who would be the King's own heir. 

The King and Queen had fallen on hard times, indeed.  Their horses were sick and carriages were in a state of grave disrepair.  The frame of their bed was broken, and so they slept upon the floor.  They had nary a penny to spare besides that which provided them food.

Saddened by their poor state, the King decided to risk $100 greens (a size-able amount to them at the time) on a long shot purchase at the local apothecary to create a magical golden bar which brings moisture to the masses. The Queen was not pleased.

However, upon testing the golden bar of lotion that the King hath made, the Queen's face lifted, and her creativity sparked!  She managed to create other types of bars which brought about cleanliness, oils which brought pleasure and relief from dry itchiness, and under arm perfume to mask the awful stench of the most loathsome peasants.

Townsfolk across the kingdom were delighted at the quality, the smell, the sight, and the affordability of the miracles created by the King and Queen's hands!  Their clean hands clapped, their moisturized legs danced, their armpits praised... and there was much rejoicing.

Thus began the Epic Epoch of the Epic Soap Company.