Epic Soap Company products will attract business to your store!

We'd be honored to provide your store with a visually attractive display and products that will pack a punch to your customer's olfactory system!

You can choose to display them yourself, or we can give you some display options and advice to suit your needs.

We have several wholesale customers who are already enjoying generous profit margins and increased foot traffic to their stores.  If you want to get in on this action, let us know and we'll send you some samples, or take an order if you're ready to place one.

If you're still on the fence, please take a moment to peruse the over 1,800 reviews on our etsy shop and read page after page of powerful positive posts promoting our products.  It's pretty clear that people LOVE EPIC!

Reasons to Join the Epic Wholesale Program

  1. We keep plenty of our regular items stocked up, so once you order, we ship it FAST!  (if you need a GINORMOUS amount, give us a little lead time and we'll have it to you lickity split) 
  2. With EACH order, we give you a shout-out on Social Media.
  3. With our CNC (and in the near future, our laser engraver) we can create unique and compelling signs to attract your customers to the display, and even incorporate your logo or desired wording!


We're SO excited to work with you!

To place an order or request samples, email us at epicsoapcompany@gmail.com for information on how to get started and we'll send you the finer details.  We typically reply within 24 hours, and sometimes within minutes!