Sunshine Shampoo Soap Bar

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Contains pure essential oils of: Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint & Rosemary. For cleansing, scalp stimulation, aromatherapy and promoting healthy hair. Great as a body bar too!
Contains lavender buds from our chemical free garden.

>>>>>>OUR CUSTOMERS REPORT: that this particular soap of ours is great for DEGREASING hardworking hands such as mechanics that need a good soap for removing grease and grime AND this bar dries out POISON IVY oils in the skin to speed healing with it's natural citrus powers.
We get questions all the time…"Is it really a shampoo? In a bar??" Yes, it's in fact a shampoo soap specially formulated with the right lightweight and cleansing oils needed to clean your hair and make it healthy and beautiful! You'll be surprised how much you like it. Ask our customers that have had the pleasure of using it. They come back for more!

You will receive ONE BIG BAR of SUNSHINE SHAMPOO soap. This one is a great travel shampoo...since it's not liquid it's safe to pack!
Epic Customer Comments about this specific soap bar:

"Alexandra House (my daughter-in-law) gave this to me for a Christmas present and I LOVE it! It is the best shampoo I've ever used! I am a Naturopath and always looking for natural alternatives and LOVE the healthy ingredients you put in your products! My hair has never been so soft and shiny and mangeagable and I love the compliments I am now getting on my hair!" -Wendy H.

"Love this soap. We use it for our younger boys, who have sensitive skin. They use it for shampoo and body/face wash. No negative reaction!! Thanks!!" -Randi Wells Yes-You Can-Fitness

"Absolutely love!!! Had been using the shampoo bar exclusively with no greasiness, when for some strange reason I decided to follow up with commercial shampoo. Bad idea. My hair was greasy in hours. It's the shampoo bar only for me!!!" -Kacee P.

"The smell is amazing! I use it for my 3 year olds hair and body! Since she still takes a bath, I don't have to worry about her "sitting in" an unnatural shampoo after I rinse it out of her hair! And I love to smell her hair after she's had a bath and we are snuggling before bed. I also like it for my face, the scent energizes me!" -Angie F.

"I've been using the sample bar you sent me in an order and I have to say I was sceptical, but I really do love it! It doesn't dry my hair out like I thought it might and you don't have to worry about using too much like you do with conventional shampoo! Now I need a hair condition bar please :)" -Tracy B.
EPIC handmade, cold process soap is hand-cut between 4.5 and 5 ounces.

*If sunshine had a scent this would be it! A fresh invigorating lemongrass scent with hints of relaxing lavender. Tea Tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils combine to cleanse and condition hair and scalp. Specially formulated as a lightweight shampoo bar, yet great as a body bar too.*


PLEASE NOTE: Handmade soap bars last much longer than commercial bars of soap, and they are better for your skin. Keep them dry between uses and they will surprise you how long they last and add character and scent to the room they reside in!

ALSO: When using natural products with essential oils, fragrances, and butters and oils they might react to your skin differently than items on the market. Test it on your skin and discontinue use if it causes breakouts or irritation. You might not know if you are allergic to a new oil until you try them for the first time. We use all our products on ourselves first and then our we consider them safe, but just be sure to test them out for yourself too.

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